We had an excellent experience working with Wayne at Paradise Pools and Spas in Garner, NC.We had been shopping for about one year, and had finally found the spa that we really liked at a dealership in Raleigh. Considering the hefty price tag that we faced with the dealer in Raleigh, I made one last attempt to bring the price down by consulting Craigs List. I thought that perhaps a used spa would save us thousands.Well, Paradise Pools and Spas popped up with refurbished spas - at thousands less than I was getting ready to commit to - so, off we went to Garner to see for ourselves.We met Wayne at their show room, and were immediately impressed by the beautiful refurbished spas, as well as the price tags that were thousands less than I had found at other dealerships.We are most impressed by Wayne's knowledge and enthusiasm of his product, and the very nice way he explained all aspects of a refurbished spa, and the new spas, that he had in the showroom. He presented simple facts, and also backed up those facts by showing us some cut outs of interiors as well as photos of other things, including a pool, that we might wish to consider - he showed us all this with no deal closing pressures whatsoever - he was very talented at reading our desires and when to offer input and when to leave us alone to look and chat.We felt very well taken care of by Wayne, and that if I indeed did purchase, that he would be there with and for us every step of the way. Well - that turned out to be true, as we actually bought a top of the line, brand new, beautiful blue, Alps Spa, that happened to be on a clearance sale - not a gimmick clearance; we bought our spa at thousands less than we would have spent with the closest competitor in price.Delivery to our back deck was a big challenge - but with muscle, and careful consideration of the landscape, Wayne and his partner Ray, and crew of two more men, we able to muscle our spa up our substantial garden on a hill, and back to our deck.Now we have turned this cold winter into summer - in our beautiful spa - my wife is so very happy - and of course, so am I.Thanks very much Wayne, Ray, Crew and Paradise Pools and Spas in Garner.The Williams family in Raleigh gives our highest recommendations.

-Geoffrey Williams

This is my a wife's and I first spa. We went to all the local dealers around the triangle area. We had no idea what to look for. We went into each dealer and said educate us.Wayne and Branden were the first ones to explain why and how their spas were better, and not just sale us the bells and whistles. From the steel frame, pumps, insulation process, and the quality of their cover, they explained everything. We took this information to other dealers and asked them questions on what we learned. What we learned is that we pick the right spa.Another reason we bought ours here is that they have in house service, not contracted. They know their product. We had 3 LED lights go out within our warranty. Ray came out to service it and he replaced all of them. It is a company that stands behind their product.

-Mike Obman

Ray and his team brought our lightly used Jacuzzi tub and got right to work. The unit was a tight fit in a difficult location. A door and frame had to come off of our screen porch, and the location required they maneuver though our landscaping and hard-scape for more than 100′ by hand. The work was completed flawlessly, and the tub performs perfectly. We live a considerable distance from Ray’s shop, and when a $26.00 jet failed, (hey it’s a used tub), he came personally to ensure it was replaced properly. The tub is better than expected, and we couldn’t be more pleased. If you hire these guys you won’t regret it!

-Tom MacNab

I purchased a Leisure Bay Hot Tub from Paradise Pools & Spas recently, They delivered in a timely manner and handled everything with no issues. I Think Ray and Wayne are the Greatest, I would recommend them to anyone of my friends to do business with. They keep there word and are there to answer any question or concern you may have . If you are a 1st time buyer or an old salt with hot tubs, These guys are who you need to see! Thanks Guys, Shannon Mosley.

-Shannon Mosley

Top notch experience, highly recommended. We purchased a pre-owned Vita spa from Paradise Pools and Spas that still needed a few small things repaired after delivery. As promised they returned with the new parts (LED lights, brand new pillows, cover lifter) and the spa is like new for half the price of the same model new !! Wayne and Ray are real pros, and the service was exactly as promised.

-Georgette Jung

We purchased a spa from your store for our new home last year.  Ray was there at installation.  Everything appeared to be fine for weeks.  Then a line blew off and flooded our entire sun room while I was at work.  We called and Ray came the next day and replaced the line.  Then about a month later a different line came loose and the same thing had to be one.  This has happened 5 or 6 times.  Each time the whole thing has to be drained and refilled which has been a big expense what with having to also replace chemicals.  The last time this happened I told them they could come and get it.  We have been very dissatisfied with the spa.

Ray called me and reassured me that he would be right over and as always he came, made necessary repairs and soothed our ruffled feathers.  If not for him we would have gone to the better business bureau and told anyone we know not to purchase a spa from your store.  Ray has been most helpful and is always courteous and pleasant.  I hope you know what a valuable employee he is and I’m sure I’m not the only difficult customer he has had to assuage.  He is the only reason we agreed to keep our spa.  I really don’t know what we would have done without him!  Please tell Ray for me that we appreciate all his efforts.

-Bob B.

I have a 15-year-old hot tub that had not run in over year. Ray came out to the house and within 45 minutes the old girl was running again! Highly recommend these guys! They know their business well.

-Curtis Toth

Just a note to let you know that we were pleased with the service that Ray (your service technician) provided for us.  He was able to get our hot tub running, and was able to answer all questions that we had.  We are now enjoying our Leisure Bay Spa.  Thanks go to Andrew Everhart and especially Ray the service technician.

-Dana M.

Best spa place in N.C. Located in Raleigh!

-Francis Koeni

How often do you discover that you have an incredibly valuable employee?  There’s a saying that goes, “Good help is hard to find.”  Well, you certainly have found “Good Help” in one of your current employees.

I have had the pleasure of receiving help from Ray Kopp, the technician that comes to repair my hot tub.  He has without question gone far beyond that call of duty.  One time he was here, and he had been supposed to leave for vacation that afternoon, but he came anyway, and stayed until after 8:00 working to fix my tub, so that I could use it for a party that weekend.

Another time, he was out back, working, IN THE SNOW, to get my tub functioning again.  I like to think it was because he knew I think that nothing is better than a hot soak in the snow, but really, it was his dedication to his job that kept him there so late.

Time and again Ray has come to the rescue.  I must tell you that the first two years we had our tub, we had so many problems with it that we were almost ready to sell it, and go somewhere else.  But, each time, Ray was there, on time, and with a great deal of knowledge, and he always worked quickly and efficiently to get us up and running again.

I have been considering upgrading my spa to a larger model, as the kids have grown, and I can assure you, that if it hadn’t been for Ray’s quick and courteous help, I would have long since disregarded RFW, and gone to another company.  However, I know as long as I can depend on someone like Ray to make it all right, well, I guess I’ll continue to do business with RFW.  He has been the sole reason that I am a loyal customer, and I continue to buy my chemicals and accessories there.

Actually, it is possible that I am loyal to Ray, as I would call on him for repairs no matter where he worked.  I know he is very experienced, and capable, and he will always be my first choice for repairing my hot tub.

It is my pleasure to let you know how happy I have been with the customer service that I have received from Ray.  Good employees like that are hard to find, and I’m sure you are doing everything in your power to keep him there, and reward him for the good public relations job he is doing.

-Jan S

I don’t know if you remember me, but my name is Jay Landers and I purchased a hot tub from Recreational Factory Warehouse last November.  We started having problems with the tub throwing the breaker almost immediately after having the tub installed.  I had your service technician Ray Kopp come to my house on numerous trips in attempts to locate and fix the problem.  This was a very frustrating situation for me and I know that it was for him also.  Ray was very intent on locating the problem and seeing what he could do to make it right with me.  He was very patient and I know on one occasion he spent hours at my house working on the tub when he knew that it was going to make him late getting off from work.  There were many times during the six months from the time that I purchased this tub until I was finally able to convince your Company to replace the tub, that I wanted to throw up my hands and just return the tub and get my money back…

…The real purpose of this letter is that I just wanted to contact you and let you know that I think Ray Kopp is a valuable asset to your company.  He seems to be very dedicated to the Company and is genuinely concerned about problems that occur with your products.  I know in my case he bent over backwards to remedy the situation and if he hadn’t treated me the way that he had, then I probably would not still be a customer of Recreational Factory Warehouse.  I deal with the public a lot in my job as a police detective and I know what it is like to deal with someone who is dissatisfied and frustrated.  I had several crisis situations going on in my personal life at the same time that I had to deal with your company, and I must say that Ray made it a lot easier for me to accept.  I think he went above and beyond his normal duties in my situation to try to make things right with me and keep me satisfied.  After having to deal with Chris, that is saying a lot.  I wanted to write this letter on his behalf and let you know that in my opinion he is a very valuable employee to your company.

-Jay L

I have had the benefit of enjoying one of your spas since March of this year.  Over this 7 month period, the spa has performed as advertised.  We have found the sales staff (especially Tim) to be quite helpful, the store stocked with the appropriate chemicals for maintenance and these chemicals competitively priced.  However, the first few months of enjoying the spa were questionable times.

After using the spa for nearly one month, one of the hoses began to leak.  This was later traced to a defective lot of hoses manufactured in a similar time period.  After experiencing the problem, I promptly contacted Leisure Bay and Ray, the service technician was sent to repair the unit.

The experience with Ray was just as, if not more, reassuring as the sales and support departments of Leisure Bay.  Not only did Ray promptly and carefully repair the unit, but took the time to discuss options, opinions and trade-offs in the repair of the unit with me.  In addition to valuing our input to the problem, he reassured us that in his years in the spa business, Leisure Bay has the highest quality, reliability and repair standards in the business.  He was able to answer all my questions thoroughly, completely and knowledgeably not only of Leisure Bay, but also of the spa industry.  Being an engineer myself, I was also surprised of Ray’s ability to completely address questions regarding plumbing, electrical and hydraulics.  After completing the repair, Ray offered to research the lot of defective hoses not only for our benefit, but also to alert manufacturing and store management that Leisure Bay may have further issues with tubs assembled with this particular lot of hoses.

With the subsequent leaks, my wife was not especially supportive of the quality of the parts of the tub, the management of the store or the integrity of Leisure Bay.  I felt bad Ray had to experience this, but he handled it professionally and humbly.  We have not had problems since, and I attribute Ray’s customer relationship abilities, as well as his technical skills, as to retarding additional pressures and emotions that would have been forced upon the store and the company.

In closing, I would like to thank Leisure Bay for having business intelligence in offering a tub with nice options and warranties, but would also emphasis that this would be quickly forgotten if not for the repair and customer savvy skills of Ray.

-Jim B.

We are RFW customers and have been for a couple of years.  We purchased a spa from you and have had a few problems which required maintenance calls.  Once we contacted Ray for a service call, things were taken care of promptly.  Ray truly has restored our confidence in the spa that we had purchased.  In conclusion, we wanted to let you know of the excellence in customer service that we have received from Ray.  Thank you for the great customer satisfaction!

-John W.

I was very pleased with Ray Kopp with Paradise Pools and Spas. He came to our home when he promised, fixed the hot tub, and his price was very reasonable and fair. Great job!

-Larry Nicholson

I know I can always depend on these guys! Thanks Ray for your prompt and professional service. You’re the best!

-Louise De Los Reyes

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