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So, you’re thinking about buying a pool…. Welcome to Paradise Pools and Spas pool section!

We find that pools offer a great way to cool off from the heat, a place to gather up the family to spend time together, entertain friends, and for all you swimmers… a place to exercise!

Paradise Pools and Spas is proud to sell Trevi, Cornelius, Aquarian, and Taiga Zone brand above ground pools. These innovative above ground pools are affordably priced and nothing short of superior quality with a reliable reputation. They are manufactured with high quality standards, and unique durable components. Their teams of experts are always looking for smart and innovative solutions to continually improve their products.

With so many variables making each consumer different in their need for a pool, Paradise assembled a huge selection of above ground pool walls and liners to choose from, making sure that one will surely suit your needs. Our pool walls range from affordable 18-foot round, salt friendly, all resin pools to sophisticated Western Canadian Red Cedar, 20-foot by 36-foot rectangle pools. The heavy gauged liners we carry are developed to withstand the harsh elements being treated with a UV-resistant and fungicide coating to prevent the accumulation of mold, mildew and bacteria, as well as being beautiful and decorative to create a bold finished statement inside your pool. With the understanding that a pools design must compliment the visual elements that already exist in your homes architecture and landscaping, we’ve selected designs that are stylish, graceful, and trendsetting.

Our company is also environmentally conscious, seeking out manufactures, that have the same values and respects.  Our manufacturers carry an environmental commitment to ensure that natural resources are used wisely and sparingly. They use the latest and most eco-friendly machinery minimizing consumption of electricity and water. To avoid waste, material purchases are calculated to match production as close as possible. To reduce an environmental footprint, they use as many recycled materials as possible to build new product, and then recycle 100% of all residual matter. They are by far the wisest eco-friendly choice.

Some things you can’t purchase, and “Piece of Mind”, is one of them. Our staff has more than a combined 40 years of knowledge in the industry. With that, comes an understanding of a pools structure, materials, and construction, so you can be positive that Paradise will educate you to make an informed decision for the purchase of a pool.

Paradise Pools and Spas….. here to help you turn your backyard into your personal paradise!

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