Paradise Pools and Spas

Certified Pre-owned SpaHow do Paradise Pools and Spas, with their Certified Pre-Owned Spas, set themselves apart from competitors and their used spas?

First, we only purchase gently used spas that are generally around 5 to 6 years of age and no more than 10. We have an understanding that a spas life span, depending on the amount of use, is usually not greater than 15 to 20 years.

Second, we initially inspect the unit at the former owners location, making sure that the spa has not been in a situation where it has been highly neglected or in an area where situations such as flooding, rotting, or warping can occur to the frame.

Thirdly, we bring the unit back to our store to undergo a thorough and rigorous inspection from a technician that has been servicing spas for 20 years! This includes inspecting the pumps seals, capacitors, windings, starters, and wet-ends; the heaters element, canister and wiring; the frame for rot or damage; the motherboards processor, relays, capacitors, diodes, resistors, transformers, and wiring; the topside control panels processor; the plumbing for splits; the jets assemblies for cracks, the jets to oscillate, turn, spin, and/or open and close; the air controls to open and close; the acrylic shell for cracks and chips, and the exterior paneling for breaks, nicks, sun fading, and weathering.

Fourth, we put the spa to a 48-hour wet-test, making sure that all repairs done to the unit have been completed.

Fifth, we then send a “spa flush” through the lines to clean any bacteria out of the plumbing.

Sixth, we beautify the spa by using shell cleaner to clean the acrylic, and if needed wax and buff it. Then we extensively clean the exterior paneling. In some cases, we even paint the paneling.

And lastly, we let you choose the color for a brand NEW custom spa cover, to top it all off!

We are so assured of our pre-owned spas that we give them a 90-day warranty.

So, with all these factors, this is what makes our pre-owned spas Certified!

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